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How much wood is in a cord? 

   A full cord of firewood tightly stacked will measure 8 feet long by 4 feet high and 4 feet deep. This measures 128 cubic feet. Typical lengths for firewood are 16 inches and with this in mind, a full cord is equal to three rows of 16" long firewood stacked 4 feet high and 8 feet long.

What do you mean by "seasoned" firewood?

  Seasoned firewood is firewood that has been drying naturally over the course of eight to twelve months after splitting the firewood and allowing it to gradually dry outdoors in the sun, wind, heat and rain. 

How long do we season our wood?

    At Solano Firewood, we leave our firewood out in the weather for one to two years.  Research done by the U.S. Department of Forestry tells us that most woods that have been split and stacked outdoors in the sun and wind will season completely in six to eight months. Some hardwoods, such as oak, may take up to a year or longer to be fully seasoned. Wood is generally considered seasoned if its moisture content is 20% or less. To be on the safe side, we leave our firewood for one to two years.

How can you tell if your wood is seasoned, dry and ready to burn?

    The best way is with a moisture meter, but since these are expensive and the typical homeowner doesn't have the need for one, the second best way is by knocking two pieces of firewood together. If you hear a hollow sound; kind of like the banging together of 2 baseball bats, the firewood is more than likely dry. If you hear a dull thud, the firewood is not probably fully seasoned. Look for visible cracking and checking on the edges of a piece of firewood along with bark that easily falls away from the firewood. This indicates that the firewood is more than likely dry and seasoned and ready to burn.

How should I store my wood?

    Firewood that is dry and seasoned can be stored indoors in your garage, your shed or covered outdoors, preferably off of the ground on a pallet. Stack the firewood neatly so as to prevent the stack from falling over. If you are storing firewood outdoors, it is best to cover the top part of the pile with a tarp to keep it dry. It is not advisable to store wet, unseasoned firewood inside because of the potential problems with the moisture from water vapor that will be released from the firewood as it is dries.

How do I build and light a fire?

  First, crumple up some sheets of newspaper and stuff them under and on your fireplace grate. Then, place a half dozen or so pieces of small dry kindling or smaller softwood materials spaced about 1 inch apart on top of the newspaper on top of the grate. Next, place three or more small dry sized pieces of firewood on top of the smaller softwood or other kindling materials. (Remember that a new fire needs oxygen or it will be hard to start.) Then light a match to the newspaper in a couple of places and let burn for a few minutes or until the fire is burning well. Finally, add some pieces of firewood, being sure to keep a nice air space between the logs. As the fire burns down, add extra logs as needed. As the firewood burns down, it will create a nice bed of coals and hours of enjoyment and heat. 
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