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Solano Firewood is located in Northern California; in the beautiful farmland valley between Sacramento and San Francisco. From our nursery  location in Vacaville, we offer our Clients quality seasoned dry firewood all year round. We serve all of Solano County and the surrounding communities. So whether you need a cord or two firewood for your woodstove or fireplace this winter or just a small load for camping this weekend, Solano Firewood is here to meet all of your firewood needs! 

All of our firewood has been seasoned for a minimum of one to two years. All of our firewood is cut to 16" in length which will fit  inside of almost all wood stoves, inserts or fireplaces. Besides providing you with our clean quality seasoned dry firewood, Solano Firewood also provides  delivery and stacking services to better meet your needs. Oh, and don't forget the kindling!

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"...we always buy our firewood from 
Solano's clean, cut nicely....the best! 
The quality of your firewood is what we always can count on. 
Thank you 
Solano Firewood!"

Larry & Kathi
Davis, CA
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Some of Solano Firewood's recent deliveries.

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